Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Brush Cutter – Powerful Weed Trimmer

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The Einhell AGILLO 36/255 BL-Solo cordless scythe delivers impressive mowing results in the home garden while offering high-comfort handling. For difficult terrain, inclines or edge strips the cordless scythe provides flexibility without being connected to a socket
The cordless scythe is equipped with the Einhell brushless front motor, a brushless electric motor in the front for optimum power transmission and weight distribution. A brushless motor delivers enhanced performance without mechanical wear
The cordless scythe has a universally adjustable twin-handle, so it can be held securely and comfortably. For tireless working there is a top-quality high-comfort harness, an aluminium tubular long handle and the softgrip for ergonomic operation
The spindle lock system makes it easy to change the cutter set. The high-quality 3-tooth blade effortlessly cuts through vegetation. The single line spool has an bump feed system
The AGILLO 36/255 BL-Solo cordless scythe is equipped with electronic speed control: The maximum output of 6,300 rpm can be controlled electronically
Thanks to the split shaft, easy transport and space-saving storage is assured. A practical wall bracket is also provided
The cordless scythe is a member of the PXC series: all the rechargeable batteries in the series of systems can be used with every PXC tool. The cordless scythe is powered by two 18 V batteries. The batteries and charger are available separately

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