Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch, Peektook Cordless Chainsaw with 2 Large Capacity Battery

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33 Peektook—Mini Chainsaw Expertor

Safety Tips:

To prevent any misuse, please pull out the battery pack of the chain saw when not in use.

Keep the power chain saws out of the reach of children

Max cutting diameter: 6-inch Chain speed: 34.5ft/s Guid bar lenght: 6-inch Motor power: 550W Weight: 2.2 lb

Peektook 6-inch Mini Chainsaw Cordless Chain Saw

Specializing in the production of household tools

Peektook 6-inch electric chainsaw is powerful and easy to carry. The powerful copper motor and the unique chain tooth design make the cutting efficiency of the mini chainsaw faster and more efficient.

The chain saw weighs only 2.2lb and can be operated with one hand. Women can control it easily and use it for a long time without feeling tired.

Peektook battery chainsaw is very suitable for gardening, small branch pruning, and wood cutting.

1×6-inch Cordless Chainsaw 2×High Hardness Chains(One already be installed) 2×2.0Ah Battery Pack 1×Battery charger 1×Screwdriver 1×Oil Bottl(no oil included) 2×Glove





Powerful Motor

The powerful pure copper motor and the unique chain tooth design make the cutting efficiency of the electric chainsaw faster and more efficient.

Tips: For longer lifespan, we recommend that you use the mini saw continuously less than 3-5 minutes and then rest for 2-3 minutes.

2* Rechargeable Battery

High-capacity lithium batteries provide lasting power. The charging time of a 21v battery is 1.5-2 hours, and the working time is 30 to 45 minutes.

Tips: Due to the battery will decrease in transit, we recommend that you fully charge the battery after receiving the package for the first time.

2* High-Hardness Chain

The high-quality chain is quenched, with high hardness, sharpness and wear resistance, which can ensure smooth cutting

Tips: For the more durable chain , it is recommended that you add lubricating oil before each use, such as: WD-40, chain bar oil, etc.




Ergonomic Design Grip

Ergonomic rubber anti-slip handle effectively reduces vibration and slip, giving you a more comfortable experience. Suitable for both left and right hands.

Heat Dissipation

The ventilation holes are designed to dissipate heat easily and ensure the normal temperature of the motor.

Tips: It’s not recommend that using your other hand to press the electric chainsaw ​during logging. That maybe reduce the life of the motor.

Ready to Use

The Mini Chainsaw comes pre-assembled right out of the box, so you don’t need to do the tedious assembly yourself. You can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our battery chainsaw.


Install the chain according to the four steps on the left

If just adjuest the chain’s tightness, please follow the 3 steps on the right


1. The motor runs clockwise. Please ensure the chain’s direction correct.

2. Please operate in the order shown in the figure above.

3. When using a screwdriver to adjust the chain’s tightness, please loosen the cover first, otherwise you may not be unable to adjust.

4. After installation or adjustment, please tighten the nuts on the cover. otherwise there is a risk of the chain loosening.


🚀【Powerful 6-Inch Mini Chainsaw 】The motor is the heart of a chainsaw. Peektook electric chainsaw equipped 600W high power pure copper motor that drives the chain to chop at a high speed of 34.5ft/s. That makes it easy and fast to cut a branch or log. Only takes about 10 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 6″. Greatly Saving your time and energy!
💡【Lightweight and Easy to Use】Our mini chainsaw cordless weighs only 2.2lbs, small in size, not scary like a large chain saw. It’s comfortable to hold, can be used with one hand and not easy to fatigue for long-term use. Cordless chainsaw cames fully assembled and after charging it was ready to use. The compact size allows reaching into difficult areas, especially suitable for women and the elderly.
🛡️【Safe and Reliable】In order to protect you and your family. Our mini chainsaw cordless adopt the strictest 3-fold safety measures: ①Security Lock prevent accidental activation(must hit two different buttons to turn on). ②Blade guard prevent injury when pressing with the other hand. ③Handle guard separates your hand from the chain, ensuring 100% safety.
🔋【Long Battery Life & Excellent Combo】 The realistic parameter is 21V in a single rechargeable battery, ensure mini chain saw can keep running 30-45 minutes. Package includes 1 assembled 6 Inch battery chainsaw, 2 battery, 2 chains, 1 goggle, 2 gloves etc, ready to use out of the box. Enjoy the double battery life. After the chain wears out, you can also replace it by yourself.
📝【After Sale Services】There is a few use tips and safty tips at the product description” section. The tips will help you to use the mini chain saw easier, Hope you can read it carefully. We take your feeling very seriously. If you have any questions for our little chainsaw, please feel free to contact us. CONTACT US: Your amazon account > click “Your orders” > find the order ID > click “Contact seller”.

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